1. The auction will end on the final day of each event.
  2. Aztech Buildings will provide brand new materials for the display shed.
  3. Aztech Buildings will take all reasonable care during the disassembly but will not be responsible for the condition of the building on delivery to the customer.
  4. The auction winner must make arrangements for the building to be collected by 25th June 2021 from Site F52-F54, Mystery Creek Events Centre, Mystery Creek. If this is not possible, Aztech Buildings will make arrangements for the building to be stored at customer expense, or transport can be arranged for a fee.
  5. The $1 Reserve Auction is applicable to only the building on site at each regional field days, and does not include the building footings.
  6. The auction includes the building plans and specifications.
  7. The sheds are customisable, and can include doors, cladding, extensions etc, but are not included in the auction price.
  8. Any and all modifications are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  9. The structure has been engineered for high wind and snow to 1 kpa.
  10. Payment is due on before pickup unless otherwise arranged prior.
  11. Building Consent and or Resource Consent are not part of this auction.
  12. Engineering, Storm water, Geotech or any other reports/engineering  that may be required by Council will be specific to the site, as such are not part of this auction, however Aztech can assist the successful bidder with these requirements at competitive rates.
  13. If the purchaser knows that they want the 6.0m knee option that is designed for use with a  concrete floor then this must be notified to Aztech within 24 hours of the auction closing in order for this modification to be made by Aztech otherwise it will be the purchasers responsibility to change the height of the columns prior to commencing construction.
  14. The building removal process must be conducted in accordance with the rules of the site, i.e. vehicles registered and health and safety protocols observed.